How to behave during the last days at work

You already know that you are going to be dismissed. Chief’s decision is non-appealable. Experts suggest nine tips on what should be done and what should never be done in this situation!

Tips on medical job search

In the XXI century the number of staffing agencies that offer medical jobs has increased significantly. Growth of medicine and healthcare industry resulted in the demand for medical workers.

Executive job search tips

People’s desire to get promotion for a higher position is quite normal and reasonable. This is their reward for their hard work and efforts. But unfortunately not everyone is so lucky in career advancement, and that is why, they need to search for an executive position they want in other places. I.e., they conduct executive job search.

Job search: appearance and creativity

Through the lack of presentation skills, some job-seekers just can not present themselves beneficially in the interview. On the other hand, trying to stand out against others, job-seekers frequently fall back upon unconventional and risky solutions.