Treasury Analyst - Baltimore - job 1197718

Education Affiliates

Date: 09/12/2021

City: Baltimore, Maryland

Employment type: Full-time

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Review and record daily postings to bank accounts

  • Prepare daily Cash Reports which summarizes daily cash receipts and disbursements, cash flow, and cash position

  • Initiate book transfers, ACH payments and wire transfers as required

  • Open and close bank accounts as needed and maintain a list of bank accounts

  • Prepare monthly journal entries to record cash activity

  • Communicate with school personnel, corporate employees, banks, and third parties in order to facilitate the proper handling and reporting of cash

  • Assist Financial Aid Department with banking setup for federal funds

  • Review monthly credit card activity and assist schools with credit card setup

  • Analyze monthly cash flow and help with preparation of cash flow forecasts

  • Respond to a variety of requests for information about cash

  • Assist V.P. of Treasury Operations with documentation of cash policies and procedures, implementation of cash management projects, and integration of banking for acquisitions

  • Other duties as assigned

  • Regular and reliable attendance


  • Bachelors degree in Accounting or Business Administration

  • 1-4 years of relevant Treasury or Accounting work experience helpful

  • Conscientious, detail oriented, analytical, motivated, reliable, and trustworthy

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Excellent customer service skills

  • Intermediate user of Excel and very good computer skills generally

  • Ability to work independently

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