Part-time Customer Service Leader - Brownfield - job 1197839


Date: 09/12/2021

City: Brownfield, Maine

Employment type: Part-time

Position Title: Part-time Customer Service Leader

Department: Front End

Reports to: Manager of Customer Service

Numbers and Titles of Associates Supervised: Variable

Prerequisite Training:

  • Service Desk/Kiosk Stores: Completed Cashier/Service Associate and Service Desk/Kiosk training packets
  • Non-Service Desk/Kiosk Stores: Completed Cashier (non-service desk/kiosk) training packet

Essential Job Functions:

1. Promote customer goodwill by providing high standards in customer service and resolving issues quickly and courteously.

2. Maintain effective work schedules for front-end & service desk/kiosk associates to meet business traffic requirements and minimize customer inconvenience.

3. Handle cash pickups and change orders as requested and log as required.

4. Verify all customer IDs presented and observe store policies pertaining to the acceptance of checks, and the sale of tobacco/alcoholic beverages.

5. Provide customers and associates with hassle-free refunds while applying all applicable guarantees

6. Supervise performance of all duties and responsibilities of all front-end and service desk/kiosk associates as assigned by Manager of Customer Service

7. Treat all associates with fairness, dignity, and respect. Provide recognition of accomplishments and offer constructive counseling when necessary.

8. Must be able to meet the physical requirements of the position, with or without reasonable accommodations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Observe and follow all company policies and established procedures.

2. Maintain a neat, well-groomed personal appearance at all times and follow company personal appearance policy.

3. Assign fixed activities to front end and service desk/kiosk associates during idle periods as outlined on the Service Leader Assignment Sheets

4. Assist in special projects and perform other functions as assigned by supervision.

5. Support and comply with all company safety standards. Communicate any needed equipment repairs or maintenance work needed. Keep work area free from debris and safety hazards.

6. Observe security standards by staying alert and being aware of customers’ actions and behavior. Report to manager or security any abnormal behavior.

7. Secure front-end change drawer at all times when leaving it unattended; protect company assets at all times.

8. Maintain general housekeeping and sanitation standards in compliance with store policy and state and local health regulations on a regular, ongoing basis.

9. Frequently, perform cashier and/or bagging functions

10. Frequently, perform service desk/kiosk and if trained, bookkeeper functions

11. Perform all other duties as assigned.

Requirements Qualifications:

  • Effective communication and customer service skills.
  • Must meet minimum age requirements to perform specific job functions (18 years of age).
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to learn multiple tasks and technical requirements of the job.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform the technical requirements of cashier and service desk/kiosk.

Physical Requirements:

1. Perform repetitive hand and arm motions while standing/walking the majority of the shift.

2. Bend and lift products weighting up to 15 pounds continuously, 25 pounds frequently and 50 pounds on occasion.

3. Push or pull up to 75 pounds on occasion.

4. Work in and out of inclement weather when necessary.

5. Gather up to five shopping carts and push them to designated areas.

6. Be able to handle a variety of substances associated with cleaning materials, packaging materials, fresh fruits, vegetables, house plants/flowers and household cleaners.

7. Have sufficient visual acuity to check identification cards, checks, invoices and other written documents.

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