Nursing Assistant II.UHC Horvitz 3-25555 - Cleveland - job 1993426

University Hospitals

Date: 06/23/2022

City: Cleveland, Ohio

Employment type: Full-time


Works under the direction of a responsible RN to provide safe, efficient, age specific care to patients and families in order to assist them to attain, maintain, regain, and or sustain optimal health status. Direct patient care delivery includes ADLs, hygiene measures, select treatments, patient and family education, discharge preparation. Participation in quality improvement process. Involved in learning and self improvement. Initiates and maintains a positive relationship with patients, customers and coworkers. Demonstrates a professional demeanor when responding to patients and customers. Thorough knowledge of nursing process and practice. Successful completion of a Nursing Fundamentals course required. Uses a wide variety of technical equipment to meet patient needs and prescribed medical therapies i.e. stethoscope, thermometers, glucometers, and electronic monitoring devices. Excellent communication skills. Current enrollment in an accredited professional ADN nursing program with satisfactory academic record required.


Enrollment in accredited profes ADN nursing prog with satisfactory academic record req. Successful completion of specialty area rotation may be req.

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