Math Instructor - New Orleans - job 1196809

Date: 09/12/2021

City: New Orleans, Louisiana

Employment type: Full-time

  • Maintain performance standards and pursue goals, objectives, and activities that promote the Mission of the College.

  • Each faculty member will be evaluated annually by students, supervisors, and possibly by peers.

  • Participate in professional development activities that enhance the faculty member's effectiveness.

  • Attend and provide meaningful instruction for all class sessions during the semester.

  • Be punctual in class attendance and provide instruction for the complete class period.

  • Make appropriate arrangements for necessary absences according to College policies.

  • Make adequate preparation for the instructional process to ensure that course content is presented in a professional manner, with adequate opportunity for students to engage in dialogue about the material, and such that the learning process is facilitated for students with varying learning styles.

  • Create a learning environment in which all students are treated equitably and with respect.

  • Collaborate with departmental (college-wide) colleagues in the selection of library resources, software, and textbooks and in the development of master course syllabi.

  • Develop and distribute within the first week of the semester course syllabi that are in accordance with approved master syllabi and which describe in detail the requirements of the course, attendance policy, assessment strategies, grading system, appropriate safety procedures, classroom management policies, and other information as appropriate.

  • Develop and administer final examinations to students during the scheduled exam periods and in accordance with College policies.

  • Use a variety of assessment strategies throughout the semester to maximize student success, including assessment of program outcomes.

  • Participate in assessment of non-traditional learning for credit. Maintain accurate attendance, progress, and evaluation records in an acceptable gradebook format and file these gradebooks (or a copy) with the division office at the end of each semester.

  • Monitor the enrollment of students in classes by directing students who are not officially enrolled to their division office or the Registrar's Office to correct enrollment problems and by restricting attendance to officially enrolled students.

  • Adhere to all timelines established by the College, particularly with respect to the submission of grade rosters, reporting non-attendance of students, withdrawing students from classes for excessive absences, and by responding to records inquiries and other communications about students in a timely manner.

  • Instruct students in the safe and proper use of equipment and supplies and in procedures for proper housekeeping and storage of materials.


  • Maximize the use of advanced technology, including the use of computers and related strategies, in the classroom as appropriate. Provide classroom instruction in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, College and federal harassment policies, and other legal requirements

  • Obey and enforce College policies that prohibit the use of foodstuffs in the classroom, smoking within College buildings, drugs on campus, and the destruction and misuse of all College property

  • Serve as academic advisor and participate in recruitment and retention activities for students in programs within the division.

  • Participate in training sessions that familiarize the faculty member with the Student Information System.

  • Perform registration assignments as scheduled by supervisor.

  • Participate in committee activities within the division and at the campus and College levels

  • Assist students with information about job opportunities in the discipline or program, with certification or licensure information, and with information about articulated programs and coursework at secondary and postsecondary institutions. Serve as a resource to students in the pursuit of employment or advanced educational opportunities by completing recommendations or helping with contacts.

  • Attend Faculty Convocation and a minimum of one Graduation Ceremony per academic year. Attend meetings.

  • Be receptive to requests from colleagues, students, and administrators to serve in a voluntary capacity in such situations as: coverage of a colleague's class on an emergency basis, coverage of the divisional office on an as needed basis, speaking engagements, recruitment activities, serving as advisor to a student organization, assisting in or supporting student activities, assisting at local conferences, or participating in fund-raising activities.

  • Communicate effectively with students, colleagues, and supervisors and utilize appropriate channels of communication with all members of the College community.

  • Adhere to the requirements set forth in the, "Workload Requirements for Full-Time Faculty", "Job Descriptions for Instructional Faculty", "Faculty Responsibilities Beyond the Classroom", "Responsibilities of Faculty Regarding Classroom Expectations, Instructional Minutes, and Evaluation of Instruction and/or Other Responsibilities", and "Responsibilities of Faculty Regarding Evaluation of Students" policies and procedures of Delgado Community College.

  • Represent the College in manner, appearance, and behavior

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This job is expired.