Advisor, National Honor Society - Fitzwilliam - job 1911359

Date: 05/24/2022

City: Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire

Employment type: Full-time

Lunenburg Public SchoolsPosition DescriptionTITLE: Club AdvisorREPORTS TO: PrincipalJOB GOALS: 1.To provide guidance and assistance to students in extracurricular functions.2.To provide leadership opportunities to students for the organizing and implementing group activities.3.To create an atmosphere and climate for students to experience enjoyment and success while participating in extracurricular functions.ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS: 1.Possess experience working in a variety of settings with high school age students.2.Possess knowledge of, and have familiarity with, various high school activities and extracurricular functions.3.Possess the knowledge and skill to meet the requirements as listed below.PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.Assist club members to establish a mission of club with annual goals and activities for the school year, which must be presented to the Principal for approval.2.Present the districts Anti-hazing/bullying policy to the club, including reading the document out loud and confirm student participants.3.Establish a meeting schedule for the school and ensure that attendance sheet and minutes of meetings are taken and distributed to principal.4.Assist club members to communicate to other clubs and the school their planned yearly goals and activities.5.Assist with club fundraising activities when necessary by: completing and submitting fundraiser form to the Principal for approval, maintaining communication with students during the fundraiser, overseeing the collection of funds from the fundraiser, and ensuring that the funds are deposited in the proper account6.Assist in chaperoning club activities.7.Assist club in the participation of school-wide activities.8.Ensure accurate record keeping of all club activities.9.Obtain prior approval for any club expenditure.10.Complete an annual report of club activities and accomplishments.

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This job is expired.